Power outages, power cuts, power interruptions in Mauritius

Mauritius has been developing very fast in the past decades, but electricity and power is an area where it is still a development country. Thus power outages are quite frequent in Mauritius. They can range from a couple of seconds up to a full day, be announced or unannounced, be planned or happen accidentally.

Power outages are quite frequent in Mauritius. A couple of short and medium power outage - a couple of seconds, a couple of minutes up to an hour - per week are absolutely normal. If there are renewals or repairs there might be all day power outages 1-2 days per week for a certain period of time. There are also power cuts, where obviously only the power is reduced. In such cuts devices that require lots of power will not work (aircon, water pumps, etc.) and devices which require little power will work (light, TV, computers, etc.).

Power Outages Mauritius
Image: A typical announcement by the Mauritian Electricity Board with daily full day power outages all over the island

Repairs and network extensions are obviously not planned and executed in a way to avoid power outages (1. build-up of back-up, 2. switch to back-up, 3. repair/extension and 4. switch back from back-up). Power interruptions due to repairs and network extensions are usually announced on the Central Electricity Board website. Seldom you also get info sheets in your letterbox. Every week you'll find 5 - 20 such announcements on their website. Although such interruptions highly depend on the area you live, you certainly can expect that you have a one day power cut per month, as an average. Other reasons for power outages are peaks, especially during the hot season (November - February). During this season there are also often cuts and/or reductions during the night. For a good sleep we recommend you to disable all devices which might beep in such a case!

If you have critical devices, you'll need UPS devices (Uninterruptible Power Supply). If you are dependent to have electricity for work purposes you'll need a solar system or a generator. Good to know: The Internet seems to be on a completely separate grid. If you connect your router to an UPS you can avoid Internet interruptions.

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