Immigration to Mauritius

What are the possibilities to immigrate to Mauritius? If you are not married to a Mauritian woman or man, the most common way is to apply for an Occupation Permit at the Board of Invesntment (BOI) of Mauritius.

Upon the fulfillment of the below criteria, a foreign national is granted a renewable Occupation Permit, which is a combined work and residence permit, for a period of 3 years. According to the Mauritian authorities, the permit can be obtained within 5 working days, if all criteria are met.

A foreign national will work, invest or retire in Mauritius as:

  • An Investor: The commercial activity has to generate a turnover of more than MUR 4 million annually with an initial investment of USD 100'000
  • A Professional: The basic salary has to exceed MUR 60'000 monthly. However, the basic salary for professionals within the ICT Sector ought to exceed MUR 30, 000 monthly. For all applications submitted before October 31 2015, the previous salary threshold of MUR 45'000 still applies.
  • A Self-Employed: The income from the commercial activity has to exceed MUR 600'000 annually for the first 2 years of activity with an initial investment of USD 35'000.
  • A Retired: Non-citizens, above the age of fifty years, can also opt to retire in Mauritius under a Residence permit (RP). Therefore the non-citizen must transfer to his/her local Mauritian bank account a minimum of USD 40'000 annually.

Moreover, Occupation and Residence permit holders under specified criteria are eligible to acquire an flat located in a building comprising ground + a minimum of 2 floors as from the date the Occupation permit has been issued.

  • Investor: Non-citizen investing a minimum of USD 100,000
  • Professional: Non-citizen earning over USD 3,000 per month
  • Retired non-citizen: Non-citizen transferring a minimum of USD 120,000 at the time of application for his or her Residence permit.

Dependents of Occupation or Residence permit holders, namely spouse, kids up to the age of 24 and common-law partner, are also eligible to apply for a residence permit in Mauritius.

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