Noise emissions disturbing you during the day and killing your sleep at night

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The nature of Mauritius is still paradisic, though there are certainly “dark clouds at the sky”. Nevertheless, if you are not mindful when renting or buying a property, you can quickly get from paradise to hell. Every country has its specific characteristics to consider.

Noise emissions Mauritius

Beside the problem of money laundering, often involving real estate projects, we see in particular 3 key issues you should think about.

  1. Climate change, erosion and inundation, coastal setback and the influence on the value of properties
  2. Hazardous levels of pollution along busy roads causing severe health problems and even death
  3. Noise emissions from dogs, parties, construction sites and roads disturbing you throughout the day and killing your sleep at night

Within the series “Important things to consider when buying apartments and houses in Mauritius” we will hence discuss these 3 important issues. After we intensively discussed Climate change, coastal setback and the the value of properties and Hazardous pollution at busy roads causes severe health problems in the previous articles, we will complete the series today with the last topic.

Our last issue is the classic, which can be found in many countries around the globe: Noise emissions disturbing you throughout the day and killing your sleep at night. Everybody who already experienced sleepless nights for a couple of days knows, why this is one of the toughest torturing method at all. Not getting enough sleep has tremendous negative effects on your health. Let's have a look at the details.

In Mauritius there are in particular four related problems: Barking dogs, loud parties at night,construction sites and roads. Since we already discussed the roads in the previous article we will focus on the remaining topics within this blog post.

Barking dogs

At many houses you'll find dogs in Mauritius. There are of course numerous people who love this kind of animal, but the main reason for people keeping dogs is security. Or to put it the other way round: Fear. Typically problems evolve with the latter group of people. Dogs kept for the mere reason of security are typically kept outside the house day and night, whether the owner is at home or not. Often such dogs are not really treated well. The result is lots of aggressive behavior and barking when people pass and lots of barking and crying at night. If you have 2-3 such dogs in the neighborhood, this has a kind of a multiplying effect. If one dog starts to bark, the other ones will follow. This can be a true sleep killer. If sleepless nights accumulate, this will have negative impacts on your health very quickly.

As one can read from many blog posts in Mauritius, this is a very serious problem. Thus one finds a very broad variety of instructions to kill such dogs or at least to scare them off. This ranges from poisoning with different kind of more or less obvious methods, over different kinds of electric devices scaring or hurting dogs with high frequencies up to more brutal classic methods. The regulations are obviously lax and the help these owners/tenants got from police and authorities were typically unsatisfactory. Apparently the dialog with dog owners did not help in most cases, made it even worse in some cases. Thus our advise can be only the following:

Carefully observe the neighborhood before you buy or rent a property. Avoid places with a high density of dogs in the neighborhood.

Of course such situations might change, but you can avoid places where the situation is already very bad from the beginning.

Loud parties at night

This is another hot topic in Mauritius. The sources can typically be grouped into 2 kinds:

  • A. The permanent hot spots with lots of party noise at night: Places close to clubs and bars, public places which are often frequented by young people to party at night and/or throughout the week-end (camping). Often one finds such places close to / at beaches.
  • B. Hot spots with occasional high noise emissions: These are typically houses/apartments which are either used occasionally by house owners – week-ends and/or holidays - or who are rent out by Airbnb and other platforms. These neighborhoods might be very quiet at times and then suddenly change completely, when parties are held throughout a week-end or a whole holiday.

Also here we recommend you to carefully observe the situation, before you sign a contract. Avoid places with permanent hot spots close by.

Permanent hot spots are typically easily to identify at week-ends or by talking to people in a neighborhood. More tricky it is regarding places with occasional high noise emissions. In the case of partying owners, the emissions might be bearable and acceptable if they don't happen to often. In the case of places which are rent out, you might be successful talking to the owners. But the support of the owners is of course absolutely no guarantee, that the tenants will change their behavior. For short term rentals, the sanctioning possibilities are very limited.

Construction sites

There is lots of construction ongoing in Mauritius. There are many very large construction sites. Be it residential projects, be it general development projects including all kinds of elements (roads, schools/universities, shopping centers and residential houses/apartments). As what the residential market concerns, some people are talking of an overheated market with increasing over capacities and are expecting significant price corrections.

Being close by or even right beside a (large) construction site can be a true “killer”. You not only have tremendous noise, but also many other more or less disturbing or even unhealthy emissions (dust, dirt, chemicals, carbon, etc.). The fact that construction is often slow in Mauritius or will be interrupted at times for several weeks or even months, does not make the situation better.

The good news, with a little research you can find out the situation regarding larger projects which are starting-up or in the pipeline. Avoid places close-by!

For smaller residential projects you have to keep an eye on empty spaces close by, where new houses could be constructed. If you buy/rent a house which has slots on the right and left side - which are maybe even for sale - the probability is obviously very high that you will have a construction site there soon.

In an upcoming article we will apply our insights to a specific case study in Mauritius. We will look at a particular place and concretely describe the problems there. Which areas are affected by erosion, inundation and coastal setback? Which are the busiest roads and the areas suffering from hazardous pollution? Where are the noise hotspots related to dogs, parties and construction sites? Our case study will help you to make the right decision when renting or buying a property and allow you to get important insights regarding the effective value of a property.

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