How to find a reliable real estate company in Mauritius?

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To rent or even buy a property in Mauritius is a very important decision with significant long-term impacts. Thus it makes sense to very carefully chose the real estate partners you are working with. Like every business where big money is involved, real estate attracts various kinds of people.

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You'll certainly find professional and serious real estate companies in Mauritius, but unfortunately Real Etate is also a very "dirty business". Thus you'll find a number of unserious, shady or even criminal players - tax fraud and money laundering as most prominent examples - and also serious business are involved in questionable practices. First of all there are many market players who were attracted to the market because they saw the "quick big money". These people have absolutely no knowledge/education or experience in real estate. The result/experience is accordingly. Then there are certainly also players who intentionally cheat people. There are apparently many related "stories" circulating.

Problems with most real estate companies

What is the problem with almost all of these companies, recommended or not recommended, there are very fast, nice and helpful until the contract is signed and the fees have been paid. Thereafter there is mostly a significant drop in helpfulness. In short: Although is has been promised that open issues are processed quickly you are left on your own. Some will just disappear, others will still be reachable but not really be helpful to solve your problems, coming up with "this and the other" excuses. And that’s a key issue which can cause you lots of troubles and consume your valuable time and energy. When taking over there is typically a list of things which needs to be fixed. Our recommendation:

Let the real estate company/owner/seller fix everything before you sign the contract and transfer any money.

Sure is sure. If you don't do it that way, you most likely will run behind the real estate company/owner/seller for weeks if not months or even years. Things will remain unfixed.

A word about property listing websites

The most popular website is But be mindful, this platform is completely manipulated by the market players. First of all, some players continuously publish/unpublish or change their properties to get top listed on the standard listing criteria "latest" (most recently published/edited properties are top listed) . Secondly and even more frustrating 80-90% of the properties listed are already rented out/sold or never have been on the market. It is a very common practice of serious and unserious companies to post a lot of properties to "hook-up" people. Our conclusion: is a good place to learn about the market: Prices, players, options available. For the effective search it is useless, because it currently lacks quality reinsurance mechanisms. When you chose a set of properties and you go to the real estate company, you are lucky if 1 or 2 out of 10 selected options are really available. Our tip:

Inform yourself about the market on, chose some reliable real estate companies and directly go for a meeting to see the really available options.

Since the first revision of this article a company with a "new" concept has drawn our attention: Primmo Immobilière Ltd. Their approach to offer an updated website with very accurate information and not to charge tenants and buyers with agency fees is certainly future proof. As in many other countries, companies offering such an approach will "shake-up" the real estate market in Mauritius. Also in this segment the internet is the future. High agency fees for a suboptimal service is certainly something we will see much less in the days to come.

How to chose a serious and professional real estate company?

First of all, have a close look at reviews. Here on we provide you a broad and well balanced choice of reviews. It includes moderated reviews by our crew - we interact with the company and make an assessment- , visitors reviews and reviews from well known players such as Facebook Business and Google Business. Secondly, have a close look at the background of the real estate company:

1. Curriculum of the owner/manager/employees.

  • Do they have real estate qualifications (experience/knowledge)?

2. Years in business.

  • A proven track record might be a good indication too.

3. International back-up.

  • Is the company a part of a well established international real estate group or brand? While a "yes" can be a positive signal, a "no" is certainly nothing negative.

4. Quality of website.

  • A professional company will typically also run a highly professional website with lots of information about its background, its employees, the services offered and the properties for rent/sale.

5. Financials.

  • If you have the capacity to read income statements and balance sheets, this is certainly also a good source of information. Is the real estate company profitable and financially stable?

If a company has top reviews and a good background that is usually a strong indication that you will be in good hands. If the company has mostly negative or no reviews at all and a questionable background, go for another property.

A property which is managed by a unprofessional shady company often also has an unprofessional shady owner (rent) or constructor (buy).

The criteria applied

Applying the criteria discussed to the Mauritian market, we classified the players listed in our directory. Doing so we used the following criteria:

1. Customer Satisfaction

  • Rating Facebook
  • Rating Google Business
  • Rating Mauritius Guides

2. Competence/Background

  • Real Estate competence
  • International back-up
  • Years in business
  • Quality of website

3. Financials

  • Profitability (Net margin)
  • Operating Efficiency (Operating margin)
  • Solvency (Solvency ratio)

We classified the real estate companies into 4 groups:

1. Top real estate companies (highly recommended)

  • Typically achieve excellent results in all areas and are financially healthy.

2. Serious/professional real estate companies (recommended)

  • Typically achieve good or excellent results in all areas and are financially stable.

3. Real estate companies with a question mark (wait and see)

  • Typically achieve some poor results or have other critical issues.

4. Unprofessional shady real estate companies (to avoid)

  • These companies achieve poor results and/or are financially unstable.1

Our classification

Top real estate companies (highly recommended)

Serious/professional real estate companies (recommended)

Real estate companies with a question mark (wait and see)

Shady unprofessional real estate companies (to avoid)

For the detail performance kindly follow the links the the individual company listing.

Did you made any positive or negative experiences with real estate companies in Mauritius? Send us your valuable feedback and help others to find the right company. You can also navigate to the real estate section and provide a rating using the commenting function. If "your" real estate company is not listed, send us a request to list it.

  • 1. Unprofessional shady companies typically have a low customer satisfaction, a questionable background and they lack financial stability. This is of course not an accidental combination. A company with a questionable background and low customer satisfaction can't financially perform well in the long-run.
  • 2. Apparently incorporated 2016, no financial data yet. We could not find another company registrered for the business of Barnes.
  • 3. Why this company was classified in this category? Park Lane Properties belongs to the dangerous Christian cult Church Team Ministries International ( All the owners - Philippe De Beer, Frederique De Beer, Simone Blatch and Bryan Blatch are core CTMI members. Frederique De Beer is the daugther of their Guru Miki Hardy. Almost all employees of Park Lane Properties are active members of the CMTI cult. The sect CTMI is involved in severe human rights violations in South Africa. The sect manipulates people to get them under control and to make them emotionally and financially dependent. To do so and to finance the luxury lifestyle of their gurus, the cult entertains a sophisticated network of companies, educational institutions and charities. Other practices include arranged marriages, fraudulent adoptions, breaking of families, fear-based control of members, fraudulent property deals, tax avoidance as well as unorthodox and illegal activities. If you want to know more, there is an NGO fighting against the practices of the sect and there has been an academic paper published about the cult at a renowed South African University (University of KwaZulu-Natal). See Arranged marriages, broken families and concerned Parents: A “bounded choice” perspective on commitment in Grace Gospel Church, University of KwaZulu Natal, Pietermaritzburg. Beside this very problematic issue many clients are reporting a very poor service with often catastrophic outcomes. To hide this fact the company is manipulating their customer reviews on Facebook and Google. On Facebook they disabled the official rating function with many very poor ratings in favor of a tab with fake reviews, on google almost all positive reviews are from fake accounts (for example Birdydirdy, Yorgo Cats, Nadege Noungon, White Bird), employees (for example Samuel Alladee or Joelle Lachapelle), sect members (for example Jordan McKenzie, Marie May Eliette Carver, Samuel Alladee and Joelle Lachapelle) or close friends.
  • 4. Why this company was classified in this category? 1. Customer satisfaction. There are obviously people who made very negative experiences with this company. The fact that the profiles on Facebook and Google Business do not exist or are not open for reviews does not really contribute to the trust in this company. 2. Competence/Background. The directors lack a solid education and experience in real estate. There is no international backup or long-term track record that could counterbalance these issues. The outdated website has been compromised and is infected by maleware/spyware. 3. Financials (Pro Domicile Properties Ltd). The company not only collects tremendous losses (Net margin = -112.18%) the company is obviously dramatically overindebted. These considerations are of course based on the assumption that the numbers reported to the Mauritian Government are correct. See

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I simply wanted to thank you so much again. I am not sure the things that I have gone through would have been so smooth without the type of hints revealed by you.

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