How to buy a used car in Mauritius: A guide in 6 steps

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Buying a second-hand car in Mauritius may seem like a good idea, especially because you can reduce initial costs. But with many choices and a number of administrative steps, this process might be a challenge. So we've created a list of steps which will help you to find, buy and register your perfect car easily!

How to buy a used car in Mauritius

Step 1: Find the right car

Have a look at the vehicles available on one of the specialized websites for used cars or within classifieds. Actually you'll find the best choice on the following websites:

Step 2: Check the car

You can do so by bringing the car to a garage or by hiring someone with the required competence (mechanic or a taxi driver with good technical skills) to accompany you when you examine the car. If you want to do it yourself, consider the following steps:

1. Checking the car's form

  • Check the paint job of the car, taking note of any rust spots, dents or scratches.
  • Check the trunk of the car to make sure it is still in good condition. Check the tires.
  • Try to get under the car and inspect the exhaust system or any under-body rust.

2. Checking under the hood

  • Check under the hood of the car for any indication of dents, damage or rust.
  • Check the hoses and belts.
  • Inspect the engine for any sort of leaks, or corrosion
  • Check the timing belt. This is the most important belt in the engine, and is also the most costly to replace.

3. Checking inside the car

  • Check the seats and upholstery of the car for tears, rips, stains, or other damages.
  • Make sure the air-conditioning of the car is working well by turning it on.
  • Check the odometer of the car for the mileage. Check out the car's service history.
  • Verify the lights and all the regular functions of the car when not moving.

4. Testing the car while driving

  • Be sure to check the brakes of the car by pressing down hard enough on the brakes to decelerate rapidly, but not enough to slide.
  • Check for small trepidation at different speeds. Slight trepidation may mean wear at the direction mechanical parts which may be costly.
  • Check for sounds, trepidation or clunking noise when making a 90 degree turn.

Step 3: Get an Insurance

Ask for a quote with an insurance company and choose the plan matching your needs. Finding the lowest priced insurance company is easy, but you want to make sure the one you finally choose is reputable enough so it will cover you adequately after an accident or a damage. Bear in mind that a good policy is not only the price on the bottom line! Insurance contracts may vary depending on the conditions and the price is usually subject to these conditions.

Try to compare these points:

  • Excess amount
  • Loss of use
  • Insured value (agreed or guaranteed)
  • One or any driver insured

Most important car insurance companies in Mauritius:

Step 4: Transfer of ownership

The previous owner should provide you with the registration book, 2 originals of the deed of sale and a “Certificat de Gage” obtained from the NTA.

The deed of sale should be registered at the Registrar General’s Department within 15 days of the sale transaction. You should call/visit at the NTA with:

  • the original deed of sale duly registered + 1 photocopy of the same document; and
  • a valid insurance certificate on your name

The vehicle will be transferred to your name after you have paid the respective fee.

National Transport Authority
M.S.I. Building
Royal Road
Les Cassis
Port Louis
E-mail :
Tel: (+230) 202 2800
Office hours: 08h45 to 16h00
Cash Office hours: 09h00 to 15h00

For more information:

Step 5: Vehicle Examination

Vehicles older than 7 years (except autocycles), must undergo examination to be certified fit for the road. You need to get a fitness certificate from the seller (if still valid) or by doing a fitness test.

Documents to be produced during examination of motor vehicles:

  • Registration book.
  • Insurance certificate.
  • Licence attached to the vehicle, if any.
  • Removal permit or TP if vehicle is unlicensed.
  • Once your vehicle has been examined and found fit to be on the road, you will be issued with a test certificate or certificate of fitness as the case may be for the vehicle

For more information:

Step 6: Payment of Motor Vehicle Licence

Now that you have the registration book of the vehicle, a valid insurance certificate and a fitness certificate (if applicable), you can pay the motor vehicle licence for your vehicle at the NTA.

You can pay the motor vehicle licence for your vehicle at:

  • The NTA Vehicle Examination Centre (VEC) in Forest Side;
  • District Cash Offices in Rose Hill, Mapou, Curepipe, Centre de Flacq, Mahebourg, Souillac, Bambous and Pamplemousses and Moka;
  • Post Offices (List of Post Offices).

For securing a motor vehicle licence, you have to produce the following documents:

  • The registration book of the vehicle.
  • A valid insurance certificate.
  • A test certificate (fitness) if the vehicle is a private car or motorcycle above 7 years.

For more information:

If you are not familiar with cars, the country and the procedures, we recommend you to hire a taxi driver for Step 2 - 5. He will drive you around, support you to check the car and help you to process the different administrative steps with the seller, test centre and the involved government offices.


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